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Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging
Polyethylene foam packaging, often referred to asfoam rolls, protective foam packaging, foam sheets packaging, foam packaging supplies, is a cost effective, flexible, all-purpose answer to many packaging and non-packaging challenges.
Whether the need is cushioning, abrasion resistance, surface protection or blocking and bracing during shipment, foam rolls areavailable in a variety of forms, types and customizations. Foam packaging can be manufactured toinclude anti-static, laminated and high or low density options in sheet form, pouches or on rolls.

Foam Shipping Supplies: Features and Benefits:

  1. Tear Resistant - Foam packaging provides protection for heavy items and products with sharp edges.
  2. Foam PackagingHigh cushioning and compression strength - Foam rolls maintainthickness and minimizes shock and vibration during shipping and transport.
  3. Flexible and resilient - Shipping foam rolls areeasyto use and reuse, crush proof, non-abrasive and chemically inert.
  4. Recyclable as category #4 - Foam packaging supplies are environmentally friendly. Customers receive quality products while positively impacting the environment.
  5. Custom capabilities provide the protection most appropriate for the application - A wide product foam roll packaging assortment allows users to choose the packaging most appropriate for the product being wrapped. Anti-static, high density and laminated options to adhesive or cohesive film, kraft paper, polyethylene films or foil are available to be added to the shipping foam rolls.

Packaging Foam Markets and Applications

  • Aluminum Extruded Products
  • Automotive Parts/Accessories
  • Coating & Engraving, Jewelry, Precious Metals
  • Doors,Drapery Hardware, Window
  • Eyeglasses, Lenses & Frames
  • Fabricated Metal Parts, Metal Stampings,Circuit Boards
  • Fixtures, Lighting Equipment,Instruments for Measuring
  • Glass Containers,Household Furniture

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