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Do you find yourself in need of air pillows that both protect your products and enhance your versatility at the same time? Well, you're in luck because the Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa can do both of those things and then some. This air pillow packaging system can handle cushioning, wrapping, blocking, bracing, and void fill - all in one handy automated packaging machine.
Pregis HC, short for Hybrid Cushioning, is an inflatable film that offers premium performance capability. It is used in conjunction with the AirSpeed HC Versa system to create incredible security for your products and shipments. Once inflated, this hybrid film becomes a layer of square-shaped air pillows that protect your goods throughout the entire shipping and handling process. This superior protection is possible thanks to a barrier that increases air retention over extended periods of time. And guess what? This packaging machine meets ASTM standards D2221 and D6653 for both creep and altitude. See what we meant about enhanced versatility?
The Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa in action.

The Benefits of an Air Pillow Packaging System

Maximize Your Versatility: The Pregis AirSpeed HC Versa can create multiple kinds of inflatable pillows, cushion heights, pillow widths, and gives you the most impressive range of applications. Here's what we mean:

  1. Three cushion heights, ranging from 0.75" at the smallest up to 1.25" at the largest.
  2. Three cushion widths, including 12", 18", and 24"
  3. Multiple film choices, such as Performance, Performance Plus, Standard, and HC Flex
  4. Two air pillow formulations - renew and anti-static

Size Matters: This machine is compact and doesn't take up an excess amount of space in your work area.

Speed When You Need It: The AirSpeed HC Versa can inflate pillows at an exceptional rate of 75 ft. every minute

Safe and Secure: This air pillow packaging system is equipped with a one-touch operator interface

No Worries: You've got the backup of the entire IPS Packaging & Automation service team at your hands.

Your Choice of Films:

HC Standard: A recyclable, transparent, clean, and neat blend that offers high performance, outstanding puncture resistance, and exceptional seal strength.

HC-Flex: A high-performance film with premium, easy-tear perforations to expedite your packing time without reducing your cushioning area.

HC-Flex Renew: The same protective capability as HC-Flex with even more recycled materials for extra environmental friendliness.

HC Inspyre: Custom colors for a thrilling unboxing experience.

HC Performance: Specially designed for lightweight shipments with extra-long shipping or storage processes.

HC Performance Plus: Offers the highest air retention capability for heavy shipments with extra-long shipping or storage processes.

What You Get with Hybrid Air Cushions:

Premium Perforations: These inflatable films include easy to tear perforations that allow you to pack quickly without reducing any of your cushioning.

Miraculous Memory: Pregis air pillow packaging can retain its shape and protective properties even when folded, manipulated, and wrapped.

Save Space: You can convert HC film into the same amount of protection as nearly 1.5-truckloads of standard bubble, and the AirSpeed HC Versa fits neatly into your workspace.

Crystal Clear: Each roll of inflatable film creates a visually appealing, transparent bubble cushion with a proprietary, eye-catching square shaped pattern.

The Basics: Air Pillow Formulations

Renew: Pregis' lineup of Renew air pillow packaging features a natural, organic bio-additive. This additive serves to accelerate the film's breakdown and is available in a green tint to make it easily identifiable. to accelerate the breakdown of the packaging film.

Anti-Static: Anti-static inflatable packaging boasts an additive that blocks static interference in order to protect electronics or other delicate equipment. It comes in a pink-tinted color that shows off its anti-static nature.

What Kinds of Companies will Benefit from a Pregis Air Pillow Packaging System?

  • Anyone who ships internationally or overseas, as their products will likely need extended air retention during the lengthy storage and transit time.
  • 3rd Party Logistics Companies (3PLs)
  • Companies that ship heavyweight goods that need extra security. This could include electronics businesses, tech firms, the automotive industry, and any enterprise that produces high-end, high-quality equipment or instruments

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