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What is Microfoam?


Microfoam is different from other foam roll packaging in that it is manufactured with polypropylene sheet foam as opposed to polyethylene sheet foam. Microfoam polypropylene sheet foams performance advantages make it a great choice for cost effective and reliable product packaging that minimizesenvironmental impact.

Microfoam polypropylene sheet foam is designed to meet numerous industrial packaging application and market needs. Its unique high coefficient of friction and lightweight properties protect products better than competitive packaging alternatives.

Microfoam packaging provides a clean, dust free presentation and performs exceptionally well when used for surface protection, interleaving, cushioning, void fill and insulation.

Microfoam Features andBenefits

  • High coefficient of friction - Microfoam exhibits unequalled protection against vibration and shifting during transit
  • Low density, lightweight (half the weight of polyethylene sheet foam) -Consumes fewer raw materials; Uses less fuel; Reduces shipping cost
  • Photodegradable; recyclable as category 5* -Sustainable foam packaging alternative
  • Chemically inert -This packaging foam will nottarnish or corrode sensitive metals. No harmful chemicals produced upon degradation
  • Readily accepts labels and tape -By using Microfoam, users cansaveon expensive adhesives
  • Thermal and vapor transmission properties -Thermal benefits: use as insulating blanket and overwintering protection for plants
  • Stability across a wide temperature range -Heightened performance from -250?F up to 250?F with a melting point of 320?F
  • Superior Flexibility - This polypropylene foam isasy to handle; Conforms to any shape
  • Outstanding breathability; Mildew, moisture, fungus resistant -Enables the release of vapors while protecting against condensation and water damage
  • Great for laminations -Works with a wide range of substrates including film, foam, paper and more
  • Superior buoyancy characteristics -Ideal for floating containment systems

Industrial Markets and Applications

  • Agriculture / Produce - Product interleaving and top pads
  • Automotive - Painted, glossy, plastic or metal auto parts
  • Doors/Building Materials - Polished fixtures
  • Electronics/Appliances - Polished products; lighting equipment
  • Food - Hot or cold items
  • Fulfillment/Mail Order Houses - Glass and collectibles; fine art; pottery
  • Furniture - household/outdoor/office wood furniture
  • Moving and Storage - Dishes and silverware
  • Pharmaceuticals - Glass containers
  • Publishing - high end books; digital media
  • Supply Specialists - painted, glossy plastic or metal industrial parts
  • Tranportation - fabricated, high gloss metal parts

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